Forgive Her Mind

by - February 24, 2019

Forgiving never be this easy for someone like her

It’s not because the mistake too hard to pardon or someway
Indeed, it is because she is this beast
She don’t mean to smash back or what but the fault always easily pop up every time she is alone

She do really change her mindset if she could

She do really renew herself if It is as easy as she cry to mellow songs
She really does wanna
But it seems no, it is fine just because you don’t know her well

Forgiving seems so easy for someone I knew

As easy as he’s breathing
As well as forgiving everyone’s mistakes, all the worst is forgiven
She would not if she were him


Forgive me for being this hard to forgive you

Forgive me for hardly being better for anyone
As actually we live ain’t to please every people we meet
But not to be this hard to accept

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