a Letter from Me

by - December 02, 2018


I am not Tika anyway,  I am the electricity around you :)

Uh oh, I am not alone, I also have friends like you all do. But my best one is water. Yes it does exist around you too, because you’re the most fortunate population for having us two easily.

Well maybe you don’t know me well before. But yeah you need me the most don’t ya? I understand well just because your people working so hard to keep me long last. Every time I went wrong, they try their best to make me better just like before. Some of them had a talk that once I gone it would matter for their activities. So funny, because I didn’t take their life. I was just not good to operate as usual hehe..

So happy sometimes to heard some of you keep praying for my better condition, it sounded like I am loved. It was just when I did’t come to their life. To be honest there were also some of you cursed me like I did something wrong every time. Hey, I am just in trouble :(

Besides, when I am fine you don’t take care of me, you waste my energy and so let me work for nothing. Don’t you think the empty bathrooms don’t need to be left with the light on? Don’t you think so?

But you did, you seem so fine to force me use my energy for nothing. Hey, I thought I am the one who always be abandoned. But then I meet soil, air, water, wind and many more which are more power full than me but feel the same. People nowday don’t really care about us but need us the most, how could?

How could you peeps? That is what we’ve been thinking.

Remember, as far as I know you are once again the most fortunate population. The wind ever said to me and water that for some of you out there, they need so muuuuuuuuuch sacrifices to get us two and the rest have not seen me yet.


Please save us, take care of us all and give help for some of you too :)

It is for your home, a better earth.

With love,
Your necessity.

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