One Fine Day

by - November 24, 2017
Suatu hari nanti ...
I don't know when it comes, but once I meet someone who sincerely love me, listen to my stories, make me feel like I am loved. I will truly give my whole world to him, I'll share my soul and mind. I will keep him for sure..
If I could meet one, I must be do something very well in the past as a reward and I am so lucky for it.
On that fine day, he will share his own stories too and protect me like I am a fire on a candle. He will respect and keep me like I am on my last day, he give all he can like it is going to be our last chance to relate.

Bacause It's not overacting but true.
Because I'll be giving all of my heart, hurt it as much as you don't mean to, but they leave scares.
It's OK because it's such a fool me who always too much at believing, hoping and giving.
(Recently I know someone called it as a disease, she's a doctor but she cannot overcome it).
Then how am I supposed to do?
Should I act harshly or careless to build a defense in case I don't want to get hurt? Will you stay if I do?
I know you'll explain that "pain is just a consequences of love." THANKS!
So, you'll leave in the name of my ego, you'll tell the world that I might cannot be in love because I am that pathetic and I cheat on us.

I am so done of hoping get something from what I did, but please, in this case I am tired of hearing that in relationship there must be so much struggle from both sides to make it last. But don't you mind thinking that it is about taking and giving, not taking and not giving anymore?
You'll explain about sincerity, "on this kind of feeling don't think to get back what you give, because other's happiness should be yours as well", THANK YOU so much anyway!

There are so many justifications from both of us, because actually we feel like we have been doing all we can, been giving all we have or covering our own mistakes, disappointments and what else(?)
At least I met a wise man who always give some (very) great advice for me when I am down (almost giving up on us).
I wish if you would stay for last, I've turned stronger than you ever knew.

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