A Very Very Heartwarming and Blessed Night

by - November 28, 2017

It was a lonely birthday ever!!

But I love it anyway, the way he struggles to keep awake and make sure I turned 22 that night hehe..
It is so ticklish to recall that night, I don’t know and hope about the early greetings or something, because I see it is been his over busy weeks lately. I think he needs time to rest or someway, but cutely he sent such a looooooong text (but it wasn’t the same as a forgiving text as usual HAHA kidding) and even made a video call to see my messy face or what? Haha..

It was a nice voice that I really miss the most, I swear I forget all the things that he said that night (sorryyyyyy), cause he was sooooooo hypnotizing for sure, but I remember there was Christina Perri - One Step Closer on repeat.

All I wonder is what’s gonna happen if he were near, what were he gonna do??
Whatever it would be, I can make sure that I would hug him tight in tears. 
Anyway, I am not good at writing something touchfull, but I wish all the good prays from him goes back in return. May Allah always showers him with blessing. If only he wonder of what I said that midnight before blowing the candles as acting (because the cake was with him and he did blow them by himself huhuhu), I wish we could meet soon and not going to be this far anymore, I wish the best for his life and us and may Allah make all his prays for me come true.

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