by - May 24, 2017

I really do love the sound of raindrop.

It sounds so relaxing and calm my mind down, I know sometimes it reflects my sadness and tears. Somehow, it is really lovely. Imagine how it will feel if you were in a coffee shop with someone you adore but you just couldn’t show him your feelings, further more you know that he likes someone else, moreover she is your best friend. How?

It would be so sad yet so happy. Having a more time to talk with him while it were raining and you know this kind of moment would never happen. Unexpectedly the rain fall made you two trapped and talk to others more while the music slowly filled the room.

On your table there were two cups of hot chocolate and latte and of course a piece of menu between your and his phone cells. They were showing the same pop ups. On your multiple chat said that your other friends couldn’t come despite of the rain.

What a happy Monday!!

The happiest thing is he started to share his stories, told you this and that, made some jokes and sometimes asked for your opinion and experiences. Moreover, you both were still talking although the rain were done.

That is a sweet day dreaming.
But, who knows you’ll get that opportunity?!
I know in my real life, being together with our loved ones will be the sweetest gift from God. But, people change and so we do. The greatness, flawless, and weakness are ours.

You know what? we have to eat the whole of pizza so it can say that you are eating a slice of it. It would be funny if you left the vegetables and eat the most you like and you say that you eat a pizza. Hey, you only eat the sausage and mushrooms. That is not a pizza.

That is people, there is nobody to select, there is only one to accept that we think we deserve.

Raindrop, it calms my mind down but sometimes makes me cry harder.
We might dream of someone we need, but remember who are around, they do many things well to you.
Learn this life from them, and rain will never accidently fall and give a surprise like my old day dreaming.

Rain will make you stay at home and waiting for someone to come.

Rain will make you understand why he cannot come to take you out.
Rain will make you worried despite of he just heading home from yours.
Rain will make you stay any longer with him while he make you laugh for a nonsense joke.
Rain will make you have companion when he is not around. 

Make a long history of rain with the same person you love the most and don’t forget to keep it in your memory how it sounds.

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