Low Light

by - June 06, 2017

It is already June. 
The rain sometimes makes me lazier to wash my clothes and shoes. I though the rain has over and the sun will shine all day.
In the start of June this year come differently, as you know it is my last year on college, woohoo~ 
Well yeah it is not the end, never thinking of finding the end of struggling, there always be a new one as you find a final.
I ever read my friend’s caption in a common photo, it said that college life really does work for us to learn our subject more, to meet people more, to get experience more, to know our self better and the best time to know the real struggle before do the real one.

The real world we are all gonna stare ahead, how it will be?

The problems we need to solve are not only in classes or exams. The problem with people we meet is the real one. I know I am a careless person that not really pay attention about what happened around, but to forget something that hurt me so much is so hard. Forgiving is easy but remembering, and it doesn’t mean wanna payback for what I get, is allowed I think.

I know it is a bad habit, but that is me, to calm my mind down, forgetting how hurted I was cause I wanna see my man smile, it is the hardest thing I have done. Maybe it is because you are the man I struggle for.

Under the low light, I could see his beautiful eyes blinked slowly, he read something unclear. I could touch his smooth hair. I could catch his sweet smile on my phone screen. I could feel his warm arms trying to make me feel better.

I though I could not be that strong!!

But I made it.

I know it was nothing for you who has a kind-hearted. But I am a villain who need to calm myself down when I get hurt.

Thank you for every worth experience in my last year.
Thank you for every worth time spend in my last year.
Thank you for every worth advice in my last year.
Thank you for every worth help in my last year.
Thank you for every worth understanding in my last year.
Thank you for every worth companion in my last year.
Thank you for every worth support in my last year.
And mostly thank you for a worth opportunity in my hopeless time.

I really am sorry for that hurting words I used. I really didn’t mean to. 

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