by - March 24, 2023

Oh hello, it is been a long time since I posted about my skincare review. I really am sorry since I actually change some products I use for almost a year and did not write any update at all. I actually still in love with the product I reviewed on my latest post, no skin problem anymore since then, but you know, sometimes we need to upgrade to get much much better result after usage. 

As you might know or may be you did not catch me up, I have been so busy for something and mostly my work super crazy in these past six months so, I cannot maintain my daily habit anymore, I even asleep during my break time back then. I have such a short time to rest at night and eat anything around, even too much spicy and oily food. I must be very lucky since there were only an acne around my forehead during my period, a lot of comedo sometimes and a bit inflamed skin around my cheeks, mostly the left one. It used to be so bad when I was on university, it always started to be so itchy and red and felt like it was burnt. Well actually yes, it was because of the sun burn. 

So, for almost a year I tried to use another serum from L'oreal Paris, which is the latest serum they launch, it is L'oreal Paris Glycolic Bright Acid Serum. I need something to brighten up my skin more, since I drove a lot, like a lot!! As a professional passenger of course, but still the sun light and dust was super crazy. Yup, it is burnt and I decided to tried the travel size first. So, here how it goes.


I honestly do not really like the color combo of this serum packaging, since it goes to claim as a series which will help your skin to get rid of your blemishes and get a glowing skin, it launch with a theme of hologram which give sense of glowing or something, but for me, the most beautiful packaging only goes for the facial foam, I am going to review this one later. But, over all the design still the same as the Revitalift series, which the packaging that I love the most. 

Check this post, Review: L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Hyalyronic Acid Serum, as well.


Definitely a yes yes! It goes so well on to your skin just how they claim this product will overcome your skin problems. It has glycolic acid formula which tested will effectively help you to overcome your dark spot and make your skin even brighter and glow. The other best thing is it has such a super tiny molecule so it can absorb into your skin optimally. It does not smell strong and the texture is a bit thicker than the Revitalift one.

Product Usage

I use it for night and daily serum, as you usually use serum product, it use after you applying the essence or toner and then jump to the next step of your skincare routine. I use my own palm hand to flatten the product onto my face. I use only three to four drops every usage. Trying to use the cotton to compress my burnt cheeks and it went so well too.


I bought the travel size at first at Sociolla offline store near my office, so it was like along time a go, but this one is actually the empty second bottle so the third one I get it for around IDR 150.000 for 30 ml. But do not worry It can stay for almost three months usage and yes there are so many sale as always whether at online of offline store. You can also get it from the official store of L'oreal on other online market place easily.

As you know now that I already use my third bottle, this serum is definitely a best buy last year. It can help my skin to be brighter as before it burnt and yes it removes the dark spot quickly, like less than two weeks usage. I recently use it before make up as well in the morning, and yes it does not surprise me goes so well with the sun screen and power. It really absorbs easily and does not give you any heavy and greasy at all. I truly recommend you this product to try if you still wondering whether this product working or not.

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