Meeting Point #3

by - June 24, 2019


I am not sure about how long it is
But a long ago I am sure about my answer for your silly confession
I clearly could tell you the details about that cold night
Now I am struggling to keep what we have been doing in my head
I see how hard for adult people to pay more attention for a little thing around
Well I am just growing by age and hormone I guess
But you taught me to be mature in attitude and soul
No, not being rude and yelled me in guiding
But in silent you gestured everything 
I know we talk more this time
I like it

I wish some of what locked inside was spoken
I kindly said sorry that night for everything
(I know and you knew I always mad at everything when I couldn't find someone to talk
Maybe I was playing victim but I didn't mean to
I clearly could count the repeated fault I did
I know how harsh my word could hurt you but really it didn't mean that way)
I will surely stop complaining at everything and gonna be wisely to control my ego
I tried to do so, do you believe?

Well once we reach the same point, we knew there will be a dash mark later 
Even longer than the time we met
But until the next and another point stop I would pray more at waiting space
Stay health and cheerful so that I can write the fourth (and more) note about us

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