Love For Them At The Moment

by - October 07, 2018
            “Love is something that arise the heart of human, whether it is male or female. And also do not recognize time and age, young and old can feel love. Sometimes we can be crazy and blinded by love, and sometimes we are ready to do anything even something as foolish and dangerous even beyond our minds to makes the people that we love can be happy. When we fall in love, the world such as ours. Love is like an orange, sometimes sweet and sometimes sour. Sometimes sweet in ahead but bitter in behind, that’s love, we can’t predict when love will come and when it will go. All is going so fast, although we fall in love with someone doesn’t mean we must have it, because in love, there is always something that we must be sacrificed, even our feelings and it’s to make our loved ones happy." He said


            “Love is a keyword that has so many meanings if you searched it on web. Many people describe it variously. Maybe, love is the way we express our exiting to other and thing. Common novel that I've red said about love for teens, it told that love is a happiness that can make you hurt or feel them both at the same times. But, getting mature makes me think that love is so infinite. It depends who you are and how you express it.
            Some people tell that love can change whole of you. It’s fine to be better or even worse, it’s just the way you manage it. Many of us too much decide it and others think it’s not even better than rubbish. That’s why love so conditionally. For example a black list organization of moslem out there, they’ve changed their way to express love, the individualism thinking can change the meaning of love and moslem it’s self.
            And for the other that not even care about love, I think they just don’t realize it. For example, in national election day, some people don’t use their franchise but they spend their whole night to support Indonesian football team instead.
            Well, that’s why love is so random and infinite in my mind. But we have to keep it in right way to spread it positively." She said

October, 2014.

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