2022 Last Post

by - December 26, 2022


What an incredible year 2022 is. I also feel so bad for acting like abandoned this blog for a while, but definitely there were so many ups and downs this year. I wanna make this post as a closing of 2022 post on this blog because I hope I can only enjoy the rest of 2022 as a common days as usual. 
I might say in the beginning of this year would be such a happiest moment and the most hectic as well. I finally engaged with my friend, indeed after so many meeting point posts on this blog as the mark of our meeting, since we cannot meet frequently, until no more mark of it since I did not have much time to catch the moments into words.
We finally made it in the beginning of this year, not really well planed since we only met twice to prepare everything. But, gratefully until the middle of June everything went so well. Obviously there must be some hectic days which I could not control my ego, we ever been in such a hard discussion to decide something, but what a big heart of his could affect mine as well, I knew why people said that there might be such a day to meet the Big Day, and yes indeed there was.
By the end of this year, we married. I married my friend who I really I cannot imagine how will my day go without him, he is just feel like must be the part of the rest of my time. He is just an ordinary friend who I really need to be around me, I even could not give all of my heart since I always love myself more than anyone. But what is this? I cannot stop worrying and thinking about his goodness. How could a single vow could change this stubborn head and frozen heart?
I could not be more happier to be his companion.

Anyway, I hope he would be happier than before and love me more like I would. Only wishing us two a great great marriage life ahead. cheers!!

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