Sorry, I Cannot Stand

by - March 10, 2019
OH helloo...

I am still the same. A whole emtpy person that wondering and overthinking about almost everything around. I wish I could share something useful to ya’ll. But I am not that good right now, so let me tell you about what’s inside my head.

First, I really did nothing on my off day. I got sick, but not really. It was enough to get me think why am I always weak on my holiday? I really do want it the most but yeah, who knows..

Second, I was so exited to see how she would be on her happiest day. Finally she married the one she loved. She is Indi. Yeah I don’t even know who she is haha..
Third, I start to watch my wish list k-drama that I have not seen. Hey, Pinocchio is not really bad, Uncontrollably Fond too, and many to go...
Emm then...

What else?

Hhhh I think I would really want to tell you the details, but not now.

I have nothing in my stomach, maybe I would eat what’s around or get my mind and body to sleep.

Good night, these heavy eyelids do force me to stop my activities now, yeah right NOW.

You too, have an enough rest everybody. x

Uhm and happy belated international women’s day!!

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