Meeting Point #1

by - January 27, 2019

A damn question that always remain

An easy answer keep hiding behind the name of curious and upset
The real one that is covered by pride and prejudice
“What are you doing? Do you feel like I fell for you?”

These fuckin question marks fly inside my head despite of kilo meters away

Hoping something good exist but keep believing the opposite
Looking for the rational and impossible reason at the same time

Killing time feels like marking multiple choices on the answer sheet

But the easy one that turns the bell to go home ring like a year latter
Nothing to do unless re-read all of them
It seems like scrolling back to our old conversation

All the laughs are suck

The delivered cheeky words on the chatroom are rubbish
Many cute stickers are also the same
Those are nothing as I remain alone here
I am a typical bored over something repeat but not to see right into your eyes for years

Tell me I have to attend an extra classes

A full day classes with a ton of complicated paper tests
Run the second to minutes as fastest as you could
When you’re away

Because I don’t have letter to type I MISS YOU anymore

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