by - September 23, 2018

Maybe I could write this and that just because I want or yes there is something I gotta share in case to amuse or could help ya’ll.

But yes, unfortunately I told you before that tears are rich of words. I am absolutely fine writing in tears, and so sorry if there were only a crazy poutry that I could share lately. I feel nothing just because. I am not good neither glad.

FYI, I play Hwang Sun Ho – Like We Just Met in replay for about a month lately.

But today, I prepare something (a bit) useful maybe.
I just watched “Unforgettable (2016)” or as known as Pure Love. It is korea romance drama film that for me it sends so many massages. For love we have to struggle, we need to consist of what we decided. For life, I see that a perfect life and relationship are the way we bravely speak up, ask and give forgiveness.  The three things that we hardly fight for.

Time is always the key to let the moment be better or the opposite. In so many cases there is an opinion “Say what’s inside and let the answer (no matter what) as the killer of our curiosity” and the rest would be fine to keep it all untold while carrying so many reasons and filling so many “what if...” in their head.

It depends on the shucks timing!!

But repairing the broken moment is not as hard as asking for a dead person to wake up. Speak up, try to sweep away all the ego and negativity.

Forgiving and ask for it, is not a simple way to clean up all the mistakes and subside the problems. A sincere one would be need more effort and patience. With the grace of universe a well intention would end fine no matter what happen.

Just like this movie, even a soulful friendship could be broken by words and stand stronger later as the way they sincerely want to make it well as before.

Don’t think about a right moment, but be afraid of no time left for a try.

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