Come Back Home

by - September 09, 2018
It is maybe raining outside
Trust me it is not fine to go out alone

You maybe have a pair of wings

The strongest arms and a brave heart

But it is raining

The sound of lightning is the scariest

Maybe you need a cup of ginger tea

Stay here with me

The coats are still wet and so are the boots

Be patient, let them dry

The umbrella even broken and full of cobweb

Don’t you know all the signs?

Fire all the woods and start a conversation

I’ll answer all the curious and understanding things

And you’ll nod and think harder to make a response

Yes, despite of you are the answer and so the killer

Hey, it is maybe cold outside

Wear your old socks and recall about the moments we made

Oh sure you may replay our favorite songs

But I can’t dance like before

The smell of wet ground and and the burned candles are so suck

Don’t you feel like we already drowned by our childhood memories?

I know we shouldn’t, cause you’re the one don’t deserve

Kill it like you did and do the same for mine

Don’t try to run away

All the locked doors and windows are cursed

The curse that I’ve been wished all my life

Now the rest are only us two

Sstt, don’t be so fussy

You’re only trapped by your bad dream

Wake up and remember one thing

This house is ours and once you hurt me, I’ll force you back here not as a dream

Calm down will you? It is still raining maybe

Since you know what’s inside my mind, let me know in return

Maybe I look like a villain these days, but you know why

You maybe wonder how could such a words come out from my mouth

Well, a heartache teach me the best

Come here once you remember what to say to me

You make me wait this way so long

We are friends, clearly you said

Blessed and gratefully I get

I’ll ask the cloud to let the sun shines

I’ll plant all the good smell flowers along the ground

I’ll also turn the light on and put a nice smile just like the first day we met

I’ll open the windows and doors so you’ll hear the bird’s song

I’ll make it better once you know where is the best to kill the rest of your life time

I’ll make it as the nicest dream becomes real

Just for once

Just because you always forgiven

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