Book #1 Jurnal Jo

by - August 12, 2018

It’s been a while actually. I used to read my novels all day at weekend and more at holiday. But since I got a really serious disease, sadly I only spend my weekend and along my holiday by lying on my bed and sometimes browsing something useful –please I really do sometimes, like typing how to be higher and slim effortless- for health.

Since I know cancer recently crazily can attack us who always kind hearted and nicely eat our breaky prepared by our lovely Mom, soooooo I am trying to eat vegies and fruits in the morning and after praying at noon. I gotta do it no matter how strong this disease could chained me on my bed :(

I really am struggling, guys!!!

Well that’s my absolute reason why I leave my novels and some great books stay new on my bookshelf. But I do really wanna read them all as I could and buy more again and again (in case to look cool and smart, ya’ll know what I mean HAHA).

But trust me, almost all of my books are adapted to be a movie. But not now, not a great moment to tell you what are they. Cause this is my time to let you know about my baby book. It is my very first novel. It was my junior high school first experience at reading such a loooooong text WITHOUT CUTE ILUSTRATION like my kindergarten books!!
Well, yeah I used to read comics too, but you know they were pricey because you need to buy all the series to know the ending, fiuh~

Back to my baby Jo. It was a light novel I knew that time. It is teenlit. Here it is:
Uhm, yeah I know it is not my own figure, just because sadly I don’t remember where it is! I believe it more than one hundred percent that it has been borrowed. Cry!!!!!!!!
Beside that, no matter how long it was since I read it, I don’t need more time to endure this disease to re-read it, because fortunately I have such a clear mind to recall such a thing! Rather than all materials that has been repeated in classes for years, I really do!! (that’s my surplus anyway)

I’ll tell a glance about what’s written on this superb novel.

Well, since that time I was a cute teenager on junior high school which is the same as the main character of this novel so I imagine every parts were happening to me. Easily it force you to smile and laugh silently at the very begining, the languange and choosen words were perfectly fit. The story seems so real as a natural daily life. The main character has her own problem between friends, crowded family that so difficult to understand about teenager life and of course about love~

You’ll find out that this novel really do understand our silly problem are really serious.

Shortly it wants to tell us that being in a new world, stage, and experience in our life is good but challenging. No matter how much struggle you do, remember to always be yourself. Being ignored, abandoned, and alone are always the slice of life that you have to eat all, it is fine to make some mistakes. It doesn’t seem too much to know how could the main character looks so depressed just because some insignificant problems.

Hey, it was the other value I recently realized.

You maybe greater than you thought you’d be.

You maybe stronger over everything you tried you want to be.

Maybe you are.

Maybe you always in a good mood or someway, well it is good to share the blessed for all.

But one thing, you gotta know, nobody knows what exactly happen to the others, spreading happiness is a must in case to show our gratitude to God but don't try to force others to feel the same in case you don't know what's inside them. Maybe there is a lot of problems that are so difficult to solve (but I believe they'll hope you won't be at the same position as them). So, that is why we really do need to overcome thinking that other’s problems are simply as fairy tale and their occupation, sense, style, mind etc etc etc are the same as yours!! 

We absolutely do live in our world not yours.

Never asking fishes to breath on the ground and begging worm to fly high.

Stop ruining other's life just because you want them to be the same to you and simply judge them as this and that. I won't ask you to find mirror to see yours, but be humble even you live at the highest stage, please~

Stop arguing the difference. PLEASE *clap* open your mind guys for (y)our goodness sake!!

Hhhh scary world.


OK so, make sure you guys have the series, there are Jurnal Jo, Jurnal Jo Online and Jurnal Jo 3 Episode Cinta (shamefully I only read this series).


Well, yeah I know I just let you know about my lovely novel and so one of my serious problem. My disease!!

If you really know how to overcome it then let me know in advance, it would sound nice if you leave some comments below so the others could know as well in case they got the same disease.

It is my laziness!!!

Yup it is~

Seriously I need some encouragements to do my daily activity moreover read my books again, cry me a river~

Thank in advance for  your help, it means a lot to be able to move from my bed on holiday.

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